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MARCH 2017 - Update & Ongoing Projects

We are pleased to announce that St Andrews Community Trust awarded BID St Andrews £4500 towards the cost of a generator and other equipment to further the Clean and Green teams reach and ability to carry out further works.

To contact the team with any issues, please email David Angus –

Our current projects:

  • The Clean & Green Squad;
  • St Andrews Domestic Bins;
  • Kinnessburn Walk/Ayton House;
  • Sailing Club/Harbour clean-up;
  • BID Areas Of Responsibility & Access Roads Into St Andrews;
  • Public Bin Upgrades & Repairs;
  • Study Into Retro-fitting Existing Bins With Vermin Flaps;
  • Monitoring around St Andrews;
  • Big Belly Bin Trial.
NOVEMBER 2017 - Update & Ongoing Projects

Here are a few snippets of what the St Andrews Clean and Green Team have been up to lately:

  • Clearing overflowing bins and skips from Houses in Multiple Occupation and working with the Council to resolve this issue.
  • Reporting fly-tipping on private land at rear of Bassaguard Industrial Estate on the opposite bank of Kinnessburn stream.
  • Uplifting of 29 abandoned bikes that cluttered up racks and paths.
  • Working with St Andrews in Bloom for the Autumn/Winter planting season.
  • Working with Fife Council Street Operatives about ongoing issues including the Seagull Proof refuse sacks and discussions about upgrading or repairing the public bins in town.
  • Removal of graffiti from numerous locations.
  • Cleared a neglected private garden of rubbish for local residents who had made a complaint.
  • Helping Fife Council and the Coast and Countryside Trust to clear up after Raisin weekend.


The BID Clean and Green Team are not fully funded by BID – the team have alternative sources of funding through Fife council as well as local grants and our delivery partner, the St Andrews Environmental Network, do a great job in securing additional funding. So, the team work across the BID area but are also able to work across town making the whole town a more pleasant place for all.

Thank you very much to the Clean and Green Team for the hard work you do in helping to keep St Andrews beautiful!

The Clean & Green Team
  •  Our team has increased to 3 paid and will soon include an unpaid volunteer.
  • All new team members are sourced through Fife Employ-ability & Employer Engagement Group. Our team are all from the Disability Employment Group.
  • Our team all come from the NE Fife Community.
Sailing Club/Harbour Clean-up
  • Clean & Green organised a successful Harbour clean and recovered well over 1 Metric ton of rubbish.
  • The area has been further cleaned to remove overgrown areas and prevent further root damage to walls.
  • Thank you all the volunteers who helped on the day!
Public Bin Upgrades & Repairs
  • Clean & Green have repaired/rebuilt all the slatted Enviropol style bins along the coastal path from the Castle to the Harbour.
  • Fife Council and The Coast & Countryside Trust have replaced a few other damaged bins.
Monitoring-Commercial Bins
  • Clean & Green have contacted individual businesses and requested that they try and manage their bin population, removing them from the streets where possible.
  • All businesses will be contacted using a flyer. It will supply useful information but will also ask them to be more responsible for all their bins to benefit all on the streets in St Andrews centre.
  • If your business struggles with bin storage – please contact Rhonda ( to discuss potential solutions.
  • The less bins on the street, the more appealing our town will be for all!
St Andrews Domestic Bins
  • Fife for Council Domestic Waste Enforcers, lead by Roddy McCafferty have been heavily policing the streets of St Andrews centre for the last 2 months.
  • Notices have been attached and follow up action has resulted including confiscating domestic bins left out in the street for extended periods of time.
Links Crescent/A91 Clear Up
  • The main access roads into St Andrews are not within the BID area, however are key to the image of our town and have been included int he Clean & Green project.
  • Clean & Green has been authorised to work areas such as the A91 Links Crescent or the A917.
  • These areas are infrequently worked by Fife Council so the team will clear rubbish on an ad-hoc basis to reduce the obvious build up ensuring our town entrances are appealing to all.
Study Into Retro-Fitting Existing Bins With Vermin Flaps
  • Clean & Green are in contact with Glasdon Bins gathering information on whether we can retrofit all existing bins with Vermin Flaps. They will keep out herring gulls, crows, other vermin and prevent wind from blowing the rubbish back out onto the streets.
  • Big Belly Bins are desired but obvious high costs restrict the ability to purchase a large fleet.
Big Belly Bin Trial
  • The Big Belly Bin on loan from Anstruther was in place on Market Street for just over 5 weeks.
  • The Bin proved very effective in preventing vermin access, preventing rubbish blowing out of the bin. The bin also reduced cigarette mess to near zero. Absorbed large volumes of waste during peak times.
  • BID St Andrews have committed to buying a Big Bellied Bin for St Andrews to kick off fundraising efforts to secure a further 12 bins for the town.
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