Best Gaming Monitor 2017 – Xbox One, PS4, Wii

Playing over a TV isn’t usually one of the most desirable when it comes to your Xbox360, Wii, or PS3. Lower response times and larger input lag suggest you are susceptible to delays that will make it feel like your opponent just has the edge up.

Although there are some televisions with game modes which make the ability over satisfactory, I favour to utilise a Best Gaming Monitors Reviews check. A superb check could have a low response time and feedback lag, and ideally a high refresh rate. In this post, I Will evaluate a number of the very best Displays obtainable in 2014 for console gaming to the Xbox360, Wii, and PS3.

Selecting a Gaming Monitor


Response Time – The time it takes to get a pixel to go from dark to white and then back. For monitors manufacturers generally, post the GTG or grey to gray response time to be able to show it lower. Limited response times may cause blurring or ghosting.

Input Lag – The delay over time from when a command is an insight into your PC or unit when it is shown on your screen. This specification is not usually placed but is often discussed in forums and other areas. Generally speaking, televisions have an increased input lag than displays, but there are some televisions with low input lag. I’ve created a post to the greatest Gaming TVs that shows several different options.

Refresh Rate – the quantity of times per second that your monitor draws the info. A top refresh rate is more responsive, reduces tearing, removes the requirement for VSync, and gives you sharp facts which are smoothly delivered.

Top Gaming Monitors for Xbox One, Wii-U, and PS4

No 1 Asus VH239H-R, VH238H, or VX238H

Found in the development fighting tournaments the Asus VH239H-G is inexpensive and super sensitive.

Requirements include Total HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, 2ms response time, D-Sub, DVI, HDMI connectors, integral speakers, tilt adjustment, 8.3ms input lag in gaming mode, and a 3-year parts and labor warranty from Asus.

Other Related Alternatives: Since this check premiered Asus also produced the DIRECTED version of the monitor the ASUS VH238H. Both have equally low input lag using the VX238H being the thinner version. Obtaining whatever check is on discount between the three of these may save you quite a bit of money; however, overall if the VX238H is cheaper, then you’ll probably want to choose that.

# 2 Viewsonic VX2370SMH-LED

Viewsonic includes a method of adding more to their computer monitors for less. This slim LED monitor features a 2ms response time and feedback lag under 1 frame.

More technical details include; 1920 x 1080 resolution, D-Sub, HDMI x-2, DCR 30,000,000:1, tilt adjustable, plus it includes a 3-year parts and labor warranty.

# 3 BenQ XL2420THE

If you look closely at professional gaming events, then you realise that a lot of them are employing BenQ’s products. One of the factors is that these displays are made by participants who’ve a knowledge of fast paced gaming and what it needs to win. One of the greatest features for this check is most of the ways that BenQ has already set up for you including; FPS Function, Screen mode, immediate mode, and RTS Style. With all the game style loader it’s easy-to-move between all of the choices they have given you.

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